The future of electric heating

Quantum is the world’s most advanced off-peak heater and the perfect replacement for your old, outdated storage heater. Designed, developed and manufactured in the UK by Dimplex, it uses low-cost, off-peak energy to make it the most economical off-peak electric heating system on the market today. With its sleek, modern, slimline design it can be installed as a standalone heater or part of a system in multiple rooms. State-of-the-art Quantum intelligently adapts to match climatic conditions and your lifestyle, delivering heat only when it is needed – 24 hours a day. An award-winning off-peak heater that totally transforms your heating and your home.

Panel heaters

Dimplex Panel Heaters are direct acting heaters, using standard rate electricity to heat a space up quickly by using convection heat, or a combination of radiation and convection heat. A range of controls maximises operation, letting the user time their heating in line with their occupancy. Low inertia ensures rooms heat up rapidly, and accurate thermostats ensure that the room is warm for the period of time selected and can be held at the temperature required without temperature ‘drift’, creating a constant, comfortable environment. And, when the heater is switched off, it reacts just as quickly.

Bathroom Panel Heater

The BPH is a stylish bathroom heater, offering:

  • 3-in-1 design for space heating with towel drying and airing facilities
  • Splash-proof to IP25 rating ideal for installation in bathrooms
  • Tinted mirror effect with de-misting capability
  • Advanced controls with LCD display for intuitive and accurate heating
  • Fast and effective heat output compared to a traditional towel rail